Hard Water Genie

Change the way you Feel About Hard Water!
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Say GOODBYE to heavy bags of salt, expensive service calls and increased sewage bills. Meet the New Hard Water Genie, the most innovative solution to a 100 year old problem.

We all know salt helps treat hard water. What you may not know is, traditional salt softeners remove the beneficial minerals, like calcium and magnesium, from your water and replace them with salt. This not only poses an environmental concern as this salt ends up back in your rivers and lakes but it's also a health concern for your family.

Your Water is Important

treatedAGAIN???? But its Sunday night, it's going to cost a fortune! Maintenance calls are expensive and ALWAYS happen on weekends or holidays! Hard water causes a weakening build-up in your pipes, faucets and major appliances resulting in high maintenance costs and a shorter life expectancy for your costly appliances. The Hard Water Genie not only prevents further build-up from forming, it dissolves previously deposited minerals in your water system. Saving you HUNDREDS on service calls and costly replacement

The Hard Water Genie requires no Salt

The Hard Water Genie leaves the beneficial minerals in and wastes noneHWG Unit of your water through backwash cycles. Through a small set of wires attached to your main water line, the Hard Water Genie sends an electrical current through your water system. This current changes those sticky minerals into smooth discs, that pass through your pipes with ease. Not only do these minerals stay in your water, the electrical current slowly breaks down past build-up, returning those minerals and their health benefits to you water. Sound too good to be true? Give us a call and well change the way you feel about hard water.

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Use it anywhere hard water gives you trouble! Perfect for Dishwashers, Shower doors, Garbage disposals, Water Fixtures, Toilet bowls, and even Coffee pots! Your last step in making hard water problems HISTORY!

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Hard Water Genie Specifications

Grains Hardness Capacity: Effective on ALL Grains of Hardness - 1 to 100 Grains a Gallon
Enclosure: Resin sealed electronics housed in a high impact thermoplastics enclosure
Dimensions: 7.5"L x 4.5"W x 2.5"H
Weight: 1.1 Lbs
Plumbing Diameter: Up to 2.5" - any material
Output: 400HZ to 20,000HZ
Voltage: 15VAC
Power Usage: Less thank $8 annually. External Adaptor
Power Outlet: Standard 110V wall outlet
Safety: Application Voltage 12vDC. FCC Certified. Power Supply is UL Rated

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